Todd McFarlane / Image Comics' King Spawn #1 Sells Nearly 500,000 Copies

king spawn 1 thumbnailjpg
Todd McFarlane first introduced the world to Spawn in 1992.  As part of the top-creator exodus that created Image Comics in the 90s, Spawn quickly became a fan-favorite.  McFarlane was most famous for a long run of writing and drawing Spider-Man & co-creating Venom for Marvel.  To put the pre-sales numbers of King Spawn into perspective, the last comic book to break the 500,000 mark was Detective Comics #1000 in 2019.  This milestone comic and instant collectible drove the sales for DC.  While King Spawn is also most likely enjoying speculator purchases, to do so as an independent publisher is quite an accomplishment.  McFarlane is enjoying a resurgence of popularity as he is expanding his Spawn Universe and spearheading ways for comic creators to benefit financially from their story contributions for properties owned by publishers.  This has been a contentious point for creators as they have seen their work turned into Hollywood movies without receiving royalties.