Nevada Lt. Governor Candidate Mack Miller Forcibly Removed From Clark County County Commissioner Meeting

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Mack Miller (R) is a candidate for Lt. Governor of Nevada.  Last week, during the Clark County Commissioners meeting, Miller and his supporters protested a resolution that will make information which contradicts the County's COVID-19 information "a public health threat".  During a meeting break, Mr. Miller accused the security guards on duty of shoving him.  While live-streaming the entire episode, you can see security guards confronting the candidate and others.  Quickly, two additional guards physically grabbed Miller and shoved him from the chamber all the way to the entrance of the main building knocking over the metal detector and Mack Miller himself.  (Watch Video)

911 was called to request EMS to tend to Mr. Miller's injuries.

Clark County's official statement:  “During a break in the meetings, a group of attendees became disruptive after one of them was asked by security officers to put on his face mask, in keeping with COVID-19 protocols. Numerous persons became boisterous and it became necessary to clear the room. Regarding the incident involving Mr. Miller, the situation is under review by our staff.”