Colorado Secretary of State Bans Current Dominion Voting Machines Due To Security Breach

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Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold (D) has ordered the current Dominion voting machines in Mesa county banned from use after she says a security breach took place.  "The voting equipment currently in Mesa county can no longer be used."  "To be very clear, these machines will have to be replaced or Mesa county will have to do a hand count."  Secretary of State Griswold went on to explain the reason.  "It appears that a week before the trusted build that Mesa County Clerk and Recorder's office directed Mesa County staff to turn off the video surveillance of their voting equipment."  There are 63 additional counties in Colorado and when asked if these other voting machines were compromised, Griswold said "We have no reason to believe at all that this is a widespread issue.  There is multiple reasons as to that some of which I can not comment on because of the criminal investigation."