Biden 'Not Sure' If Russia To Blame For Cyberattack

While US intelligence agencies investigate, President Joe Biden said, "we’re not sure" that Russia is behind a large ransomware attack on managed-service companies.

During a trip to Michigan on Saturday, Biden told reporters, "I directed the full resources of the government to assist in the response if we determine... [distracted]"

Biden stated, "We’re not sure it’s the Russians." “I got a brief and uh... [distracted]. "We're not certain... The initial thinking was, it was not Russian government, but we’re not sure yet.”

The incident comes just weeks after Biden urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to crack down on cyber crime.

Biden stated, "I directed the intelligence community to give me a deep dive on what’s happened and I’ll know better tomorrow and if it is either with the knowledge of and/or a consequence of Russia, then I told Putin we will respond.” He claimed he had not discussed the new case with Russian President Vladimir Putin yet.

According to a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee, Microsoft Corp. informed the group that Synnex Corp., one of the RNC's vendors, "may have been exposed."

“There is no indication the RNC was hacked or any RNC information was stolen.” By email, spokesperson Mike Reed stated, "We are investigating the matter and have informed DHS and the FBI."

The hacks on at least 20 managed-service providers, which provide IT services to small and medium-sized enterprises, are suspected to be the work of REvil, a Russia-linked organization accused of the meatpacking ransomware attack on May 30th.

According to cybersecurity firms, more than 1,000 businesses have been affected, with the number expected to rise.

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